Limit-Breakers: 15 days Mastermind Challenge October 2019, Slovenija, ponedeljek, 07. oktober 2019

How to increase my self-confidence? How to become resilient to the ups and downs of entrepreneurship? How to accept, develop and communicate my truest potential? How to transform my vision into reality?
Imagine this Mastermind program as a sincere attempt to answer those questions. Here you'll be challenged to create your own framework for personal development, you'll identify deeply rooted fears that silently limit your growth, you'll formulate your personal purpose and you'll craft an achievable action-oriented plan. All that, in a synergetic, safe and fair environment where 10 participants will interact by providing feedback, ideas, and experiences. We like to think of this program as a great next step in the right direction!
"Personal development through an entrepreneurial mindset"
We understand the entrepreneurial mindset as a curious inclination and a determined force that wishes to express the truest, most authentic potential of an individual. It is a universal human characteristic that manifests in different ways for each one of us.
Under that definition, entrepreneurship can be a lonely and often misunderstood endeavor, that's the reason we designed this program: to provide a theoretical structure, a supportive environment and a plan of action to each participant.
The program will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes of your time every weekday for three weeks. Every week has a plan, every day has a topic, and a conclusion challenge every Friday. Additionally, we'll schedule a weekly prepared group call.
The daily challenges can be understood as tasks. Each one is designed to clarify concepts, to spark interaction with the other group members and to produce a path for decision making. We'll present some custom-made tools that will support the process during week 2 and 3.
All along, you'll find a safe environment where to communicate and a mutually reinforcing system of accountability 
Note: This Mastermind program does not include information about mainstream methodologies like Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Agile or others. Being familiar with those is a plus but not a requisite. 
Program targets:
If you find yourself in any of the following scenarios, this program is for you:

You are thinking to start a business, a social impact venture or any other entrepreneurial project
You already started a venture or initiative but you feel like something is missing
You need different perspectives, tools, and a supportive environment before you decide what your next step is.

Program Objectives:
First Week: Learn to identify fear through storytelling + Create your own story"We believe that fear manifests as different kinds of resistance, they affect our decision-making process and limit our growth. Identifying those resistance points is essential to unleashing your potential. We have developed a method of storytelling that will support the process."
Second Week: Identifying and formulating your Purpose"The ups and downs of modern life can be disorienting and demotivating, especially when there is a lack of purpose. Experienced entrepreneurs use their core values and their purpose to clarify their perceptions, observe from different perspectives and make decisions that are aligned with their intentions. Without clarity, it is easier to fall under the spell of fear-tactics, social pressure, and old conditioning."
Third Week: Drafting your daily routine, designing your plan of action"We have heard that discipline is an essential characteristic of achieved individuals. We know that the word discipline implies a strictness that sounds more like resistance to change than a Pandora's box for creativity, but we learned that a custom-made routine, a personal discipline, has the power to keep us aligned with our purpose, vision, and it keeps away procrastination. We call our method Vision of Present, and includes two canvases you'll learn to use."
Follow up: 1 month after, team call for status reporting."We'd like to touch base with all the participants, check how are you doing with your plan and suggest course corrections if necessary. You'll be able to continue using the communication channels provided with the program to stay in contact with your Mastermind colleagues." 
Digital tools you will use:

Trello: Environment for the daily Challenges
Slack: Q&A and group communications Scheduled group calls


Non-disclosure agreement
Values agreement
Participation agreement

This Mastermind program is designed and hosted by Jose Antonio Morales, a founding partner at Lincoln Island Initiatives. He is an experienced innovator, entrepreneur, coach with more than five years of experience with the topics of fear, failure in the context of entrepreneurship. In the past five years, Jose has coached more than 100 European professionals, designed and delivered workshops on innovation, fearlessness, deliberate development, entrepreneurship and social impact in Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Macedonia, reaching more than a thousand entrepreneurs. Together with his team, he is currently supporting social enterprises in Slovenia and starting to support high school teachers to bring a more entrepreneurial learning environment for their students. Jose Antonio is part of ABC Accelerator mentoring program in Ljubljana, an advisory board member for Social Innovation Academy in Luxembourg, Impact Hub Experts program in Vienna, and Heartbeats Innovation and Communications in Vienna as Expert on Innovation and Capacity Building.
Lincoln Island Initiatives, Skrivnostni Otok d.o.o. Slovenia.
Photo by Li Xianan

Limit-Breakers: 15 days Mastermind Challenge October 2019

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